Welcome to Amazing Sulawesi

We launched Amazing Sulawesi to showcase this beautiful island to the rest of the world. We have traveled to Indonesia many times, and thought we had seen much of the country already. To our surprise we discovered after visiting this amazing island that you will never be able to tell others that you have seen Indonesia. With well over 5000 islands, there are always places left unexplored.

Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes) is usually the fourth or fifth main destination within Indonesia that people visit. Often they start off with visiting the island of Bali. There they realize that Indonesia must have so much more to offer. Often the next visit is to either Java (with its many splendors) or Sumatra (especially awesome for nature & wildlife enthusiasts). After that people often travel to islands like Lombok, or the huge island of Kalimantan (Borneo). Only after these main destinations do people travel to Sulawesi. This is because of its adventurous setting.

With this website we try to highlight every attraction the island has to offer. We are in no hurry, every time we visit the island, we explore a few more must-sees. This website will gradually contain more and more helpfull information about the island.

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